This is hand-dyed artisanal wool skein using mushroom to dye.  I collect this Omphalatus mushroom from the Bay Area myself and dye in a small batch.  Since it is all natural dyed, each skein is slightly different color even though it is from the same batch. Please understand that the variation can differ from each batch making this a live color that will blend with other color well.  I try to take a photo with true color but it is so hard. This is moss green color that looks like the first photo


Each skein is 50g.

The color has been fixed with mineral salt so it will not fade easily, but like all natural products, please avoid direct sun and heavy washing.

I suggest combining the colors for a special project for neck warmer, glove, wall hanging, mittens etc.  

Due to the care that is needed for natural dye, please avoid direct sun and frequent washing.   Please see below for additional care instructions.


All mushroom is sustainable foraged form the woods near my home in San Francisco.


Yarn is 100% wool

Sport weight

50g (137 yard)


100g (274 yard)


Jack O'lantern Green, Mushroom dyed sport weight 100% wool yarn

  • Since this is using natural pigment, the color will shift in time and may fade if left for a long time in direct sun.  If you need to wash it, please hand wash with pH neutral soap (I use dish washing soap) and air dry. It is best to avoid frequent washing as it will change the color.